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What to do

Knowing what to do when you have an insurance claim can help you avoid some of the headaches, heartache and red tape involved in tackling the process. It can also help you get better value for your insurance dollars. Here are some steps you can follow to help with the insurance claim process:
  • Stay Calm. By keeping calm and gathering yourself after a traumatic is the best way to make sure your claim is fulfilled to your satisfaction.
  • Contact Us. Do it as soon as possible even if you're far from home and even if someone else caused the accident. Ask your us how to proceed and what forms or documents will be needed to support your claim.
  • Keep records of your expenses. Expenses you incur as a result of an accident may be reimbursed under your policy
  • Keep copies of your paper work. Store copies of all paper work in your own files. You may need to refer to it later.

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